Vantage Pro2 Wireless Station Signal Reception Question

Hello. I just moved my Davis Vantage Pro2 Wireless Station this afternoon to a location on the roof of the house - somewhat directly overhead from the Wireless Console and Weather Envoy. I need to know where is the place I look to see what reception reading I’m getting from the station. I need to check this so I can position the antennas on all three items (the ISS, wireless console, & envoy) in an optimal position for the best reception possible between the components. Thanks for the help.

On your console press the temp and humidity button at the same time will bring up your reception.


Hi Chuck! How about the Weather Display program? Where do you find the signal reception % there? Thanks again for your help.

You can get a running diag that is a bit easier to see, if after the above steps, you then Press 2ND + CHILL

Note that there is info about turning Gain On and Off. On newer Pro2 unit, this is now automatic.

There is tags for the vp reception for WD. I attached a screen shot of how I displayed it on my main screen using the advanced/misc settings. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. I hope you can see the attachment



This stuff can also be seen by going View/Davis VP Extra Sensor Info in WD.


Thanks everyone for the help. I just got a VP Reception 99 so I am quite satisfied with my relocated station’s position!

I have only wished for that percentage. But I still happy with my 94-95 percent.


If you have more than one transmitter, you most likely can’t get much higher than 97% due to collisions between the multiple transmitters.

94% is excellent.

No I only I have the basic setup with no extras. I have never seen anything above 96% for the entire day. As soon as the sun goes down my percentage drops a bit but not bad though or a cloudy day. Considering that the ISS and console is only 20 ft apart. I run VirtualVP and I had to change my transmitter setting in my ISS to channel 2 because on channel 1 it would resync at least 30 times a day usually a lot more. Once I changed to channel 2 everything is fine. Strange :?


Hi. Here is a link to a pic of the recent Vantage Pro Info for my station:

      [ Pro Extra Sensors.JPG ]( Pro Extra Sensors.JPG)

Do you have a 900 MHz cordless phone?

No we have a 2.4 GHz phone.


I have 2.4ghz cordless phone system.


Well, that’s not the problem then :smiley:

Well, not necessarily, I was just reminded that a lot of 2.4 GHz phones only use 2.4 in one direction and are 900 MHz in the other.

Wireless 902.11b routers are 900mhz.