Vantage pro reception/wd

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Ah… it could be simpler than this.

One of the suggestions that Davis had when I had reception questions recently was that the percent the console or WD shows with the Davis VP reception is that is the average reception over the archive interval.

IF there are fewer data points then then any deviance in reception is more noticiable vs one that has many data points. Hence a smaller error shown.

Therefore by choosing a longer archive interval, one would get a different reception percent thanif one used a smaller one. Kind of like scoring (you can tell when I am grading papers) 5 out of 10 wrong on a test vs. 5 wrong out of 500 possible.

Of course the one minute interval on the WD produces a smoother curve rather than jumps.

The reception statistics are there on the console whether you have a weatherlink installed or not. No weatherlink, no archive interval setting, so then how would it work?

I could see that the record count sent to the PC would depend on the archive interval, since I would guess it misses sending a record when it’s saving its archive record, so more frequent archiving = more frequent record loss.

you have a vaild conclusion there, I think the person’s original question was that when WD was running he/she had a lower reception percent than when the program was running. One other thought comes to mind is that when one stands near the console (dang snow plow, dog is barking at it. so much for a complete thought here.) the signal tends to be disturbed as much as me. well that train of thought has left my station again. RATS.

I don’t know how much, if any, processing power the weatherlink has. Maybe if it doesn’t have any/much then weatherlink soaks up resource from the console processor when it archives a record. In that case the archive interval could affect the recorded reception, although not because it has anything to do with the way it’s calculated. Also if the console processor is involved when WD requests reception data from the weatherlink then that could affect it too.

Also keep in mind, that according to Davis, when the data logger is being polled by an application, it cannot receive anything. In other words, the data logger can only do one thing at a time - it can receive data from the ISS OR it can dump data to an application, but not both. To me, this would mean that while dumping data to WD, the console would miss receiving data from the ISS, resulting in in a lower receiption percentage.