Vantage Pro Rain Guage

Has anyone used, successfully, a Vantage Pro 2 rain guage on a Vantage Pro? I mean the cover, not the actual rain collection.

Or is there another alternative for the Vantage Pro?

If you mean the latest AeroCone rain collector (DAV-6462) then they should be fine with a VP1.
Davis says:

Compatible with all cabled and wireless Vantage Pro2 and stand-alone rain collectors, as well as all original Vantage Pro weather stations

Thank you! I did a bit of googling and figured that out on the Davis website.

Now, to wait until snow leaves us and I can get up to the weather station.

Just be aware that if you get snow quite often, the Aerocone doesn’t have an option for fitting a heater.
My VP2+ has the Aerocone and I’m thinking about some way of heating it.
I bought a couple of 24v 10W 50mm square heat pads off ebay and I have a velleman “thermostat” used with my old system (1-wire and rainwise rain gauge). A project for me before winter 2023.