Vantage Pro Humidity Reading stuck at 100%?

Since upgrading to 9.89b (reads 9.89a on the display) the Vantage Pro weather station I monitor for a buddy has been showing 100% humidity! When using the software that came with the unit it shows the correct 37%… just wondering if anybody else out there sees this behavior??


i dont recall being in that part of the code!
(maybe the baby boy sitting on my knee from time to time deleted some lines of code???)
but, go to setup, general and misc, ultimeter raw data logging, then set that on
then a file called rawultimeterdata.txt is created
email me that file

Don’t know why it was stuck at 100%, but it may have been related to the main graphic not updating correctly… you fixed that with the latest release, and the 100% stick went away with it! :slight_smile:


My baby boy (11 months and just started walking) finds it very funny to push the reset button on my PC whenever I am deep into something… so I know what you mean! :smiley: