Vantage Pro 1 wireless problem

Mu setup is a VP1 ISS+ mounted about 25feet from my roof line with an envoy mounted to a roof truss doing the computer data reception. I then have a stand alone console also reading the same ISS about another 15 feet away with a couple of extra walls and a computer rack between it and the ISS, this then retransmits to a couple of weather echoes…

For about 3 weeks I have been getting 98-100% reception on the envoy and 95-98% on the console, this afternoon I noticed all dashes on my console and an L, indicating lost signal. If I move it to direct line of site to the ISS it all starts again. However the % on my Envoy has dropped, at most, maybe 1% to 97%.

I measured the voltage from the panel close to sunset and was only getting 1.2V but it was getting dark and the voltage changed if I put my hand over the solar panel. I haven’t measured the voltage in the ISS battery though.

The echoes are also struggling to pick up the ISS from their normal positions if I set them to look at that rather than the console. So my feeling is that the ISS has reduced power output, but not enough to change the envoy which has near LOS except for a couple of roof tiles.

Any ideas? I suppose I ought to measure the ISS battery but it is only 3 weeks old!

Nope battery voltage is exactly 3.00V

I have just left the console on the Done/- screen and it thinks it can see data from stations 2, 4 and 7. Not 1 which is the only one I have and those spurious stations are after leaving it for about ten minutes. It has found 8 as well now. Sounds like a full reset might be in order.

Found the cause, how odd!

the VP1 has always been the odd bird because of the weak transmitter and it being affected by much of anything. That is why the VP2 has shown up for the time being. Personally I am waiting for the next vp unit. My vp1 has had a range of problems because of reception. In fact the one in the kitchen which is further from the ISS gets a better signal by the refrig and wall phone. The one in the room where I connect to Wdisplay and computer ( )has about 80-100% reception most of the time
of course I have a repeater inside and out ( AC/Solar) and 3 outside transmitters and one in the basement which all feed into the computer room, plus the distraction of the computer, security DVR and the general stuff . So it is a bit hectic out there. I do have the gain turned on the console.

So just out of curiosity… what did you find out that was the culprit? I am always interested in finding out what might have happened with the long shot of either having a similar crisis or have a friend with a VP1 as well. Personally, I think it is a nice unit. I still think that that the ISS transmitter should be able to face whatever direction one desires, rather than sit on the south side, and that is what I am holding out for…

My ISS sits on the North side of the pole that I mount it on, in fact that’s a whole lot better than the south side in the Southern Hemisphere. :slight_smile:

Can’t you sit it on the mast elevated to get over any southern obstructions ?

with the vp 1 it sits underneath the radiation shield. It looks like that if I went with the current vp2 (I am not planning, lest something befalls my unit and it better not…) that the UV/Solar array sits on the north side of the unit and the solar panel would be on the south side. My house is on the north. I would have to put the unit inthe front of the house and I don’t think that would be something on the wise side.

So far the neighborhood hoodlums have left me alone and that is fine. I guess that the solar panel is part of the unit. BUT with improved signal strength… I can see the point of the location.

Mine was down to my LCD screen. I only found out because I put it on bleep when it received data, and I could sit here for ages with poor reception. Then I’d go and watch telly in the next room and 20 minutes later it would start bleeping every 2.5 seconds.

As soon as I came back in to see why it was working again I’d touch the mouse, screen came back on and off it would go!

Took me ages to realise what it was. It is now twice as far away upstairs with loads of obstructions and getting 95% reception. It appears that it is only direct line of site, and about 6 foot radius causes this. The screen must give out similar, but very limited signals as it kept trying to receive from all 8 possible stations but no legit data.

I now have a weather echo, under the shelf the monitor is on with perfect reception.

It is only the LCD screen that causes it, the CRT right next to it gives no problem at all. WHy it should be like that, and why it worked perfectly for weeks before I have no idea!


That’s interesting as I have an LCD screen as well and I have my VP1 console within 6 feet of it with no problems at all, however it is closer to the ISS than the LCD!


Strange, Like I say mine worked fine, giving 98%ish reception for weeks and then just stopped with no degradation, it just worked one hour and not the next.

Mine was though about 2" from my screen. At 6’ it would work reasonable well.

Computers make a LOT of electrical noise. Get a portable radio, tune it to a blank spot on the dial, place it near your PC. Then fire up the PC. Lots of noise on AM and the FM bands.
Some PC’s are much worse than others.
Even adding 1-wire devices can lead to interference. When adding my last lot of sensors my poor little radio had problems until everything was moved and positioned.
There are so many things that can play havoc with wireless equipment.
Your neighbour buying and installing that nice new cordless telephone, or wireless broadband internet, just to mention a couple of problem causing devices.