V9.82 will not FTP


having just updated to v9.82, have the parameters changed for FTP. I havn’t gone into WD fully, but I notice that when I right hand click and select “View Your Web Page”, nothing has changed since. I have forced it to update, which it did, but although I have selected one minute updates, this is not working.

I am sure it is something I have missed, but could you clarify please.

i did make a change with the routine…
are using the customise internet and file creation and the 1 minute option?

also check for any errors under view, program error log
worse comes to worse, export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini settings from the registry

i see the problem
1 flag being reset with the change i made
uploading a fix now

this bug actualy affected me too…
9.82a is back to business again
sorry for the hassle (the change I made though was for teh better)