V9.79 crashing on startup with Davis Weather Monitor II

I have has this problem for a long time that when I go away and restart Weather Display it does not pick up the data correctly from my Davis Weather monitor II. This time however the program fails on startup. I upgraded to the latest version, 9.79 and I still ahve the same problem. The startup log shows this:

Weather Display starting, version 9.79
Form units created
Formws2000 created
Form extra sensor graph created
Formdailyhighlowpressure created
Formmetar created
Formtrend created
Formenergy created
Formnewsummary created
Formnewgraph created
Formlargedisplay created
Formtempdials created
Formhumdials created
Formbarodial created
Formrainlasthour created
Formalldials created
Formweatherdials created
Formsunmoon created
Formgraphform created
Formwmr918sensorlist created
Form sunmoonimages created
Form broadcast created, Final station type setting up…

The davis box comes up, but no information is being displayed such as the date and time

I am running Windows 2000



there is a problem with WD not handling correctly the data logger when the data logger is full and has “rolled over”
So the solution is to use weather link to clear the data logger, and then wd will start up ok/
Sorry for this bug, but wthout a davis wmii and data logger its hard to pin point how and when this happens

Thanks for the response Brian, but the logger actually wasn’t full. After a second reboot the problem went away.

What was interesting was that the logger had 8 days of data in it. Weather Display saw all 8 days but decided only to store date for some of the days in the middle. So once again I have incomplete records.

Its a shame that I have to leave my PC on in order to get all of the data.


You don’t have to leave your PC on for all the data. Set the weatherlink for an interval that would exist between the time you normally have the PC off you wish to upload.

Now the normal time is 1 min intervals. What this gets you is a smooth graph curve. However, you can set the Weather Display to produce csv log files, which you can use with Microsoft Excel, and produce your graphs or other analysis. I sometime do that.

However, you can set many different intervals with the weatherlink. I would caution you to first download all the data that is there then set the interval as it will clear the logger when you click OK. It does that because the sampling interval has changed so as to make the data be consistent over a time .

So, to rehash … If you have downloaded your data into whatever software program, that floats your boat, then change the interval to meet the period of time your computer is off. When you rebooot, Weather Display will add only those records it doesn’t have into the log and data files, produce what you want.

Finally, I do two things. I use first Weatherlink to download into their files all my data, incase there is something I want to do with it later and as a safety incase something happens to the data when I send it to Weather Display. I exit the program and then boot Weather Display and it does its thing. If for some reason I have accidentally checked with Weather Link that I want to clear the archive each time(which isn’t necessary as Weather link will overwrite the old data with new, kind of use it or lose it, theory) then I have still the option to import the logs into WeatherDisplay and I have the data.

Whew, hopes this helps rather than confuses :lol:

The above information works for the WMII or the Vantage Pro. I have both and the weatherlink (logger) is the same for both, sort of with some minor changes.

Still doesn’t control the weather or make the morning coffee. :wink:

just another point:
wd downloads but then onlu uses the data from when it was last running.
witht he wmii it downloads everything, then uses the data from after the time/date it was last running…if that then stops, then i have a bug
with the VP, wd actualy requests to start from the time/date when it was last running