V10.37Q build 80 changed my rain totals

Weather Display 10.37Q Build 80 has changed my rain totals for day, month, year. for example year was 9.06 inches, now 4.67 inches. In the middle of trying to correct. any help would be appreciated. thanks.


In 102011lg.txt file the rain totals keep changing. I tried going back to build 75 and build 42 (the one I was using) but the rain totals are still wrong. Below is a portion of my 102011lg.txt file. Note the 2nd column from the right which is the yearly rain total.

Does anyone know where these incorrect rain totals are coming from so I could edit them out? Thanks.


Rain after Q.jpg

I restored my 4am backup of weather display and the 6 hours of data from 4am to 10am was retrieved by the data logger. So, everything is ok now. However I am back to build 42 and do not plan to upgrade until this is resolved. I use a midnight reset in case that matters.

I have not seen this problem here myself and I do not have any other reports of this problem
so not sure what or how to resolve for the problem you are having
except make sure to do not have set to use the rain totals from the console in the weather station type setup in WD
or .zip and email me your settings files

Hi Brian,
Thank you for the reply. I do not have “use rain totals from console” set. Don’t know what happened. I closed WD, did the upgrade, started WD and noticed my day, month, and year rain totals on the main screen were wrong. Everything is ok now since I restored the backup. I’ll try the upgrade again and if it happens again will let you know. Always appreciate the personal attention you give everyone on this forum. Thanks.


there was a change in the way the rainfall totals are stored
I suspect the problem you have is due to the upgrade from the particular version you were using

upgrade again
then set the correct totals if they are wrong
then you should be OK

I just tried V10.37Q build 75 but the results were similar to build 80. Today’s (.02 in) and Yesterday’s (.18 in) rain totals were correct, but Month to date was 2.12 in and should be 1.97 in. Year to date was 4.69 in and should be 9.08 in. I went back to my backup of build 42 which works fine.

If I were to upgrade to a newer build where would I change these rain totals to the correct ones. I am still a but confused about modifying rain totals.

The main reason I wish to upgrade is that when I shut down WD and then start it up, I get a dip in the barometer reading, which I understand has been fixed. Thanks.


do the upgrade
then set the correct totals (control panel, offsets and intitial rainfall setup)
then you should be good after that

the problem is occuring because you are going back and forth from older to newer to older version
where there storage of the rain totals has changed
so, stay at the newer versions , after setting the correct rain totals

Brian, thanks for the information. Please understand that I am not installing an older version on a newer version. I have tried upgrading from build 42 to builds 75 and 80. But when going back to build 42 I have either restored a backup from hours before (and deleting the upgraded wdisplay folder) or brought back a saved copy of the wdisplay folder that I had saved before trying the upgrade.


in any case, do the upgrade, set the needed rain totals, if not correct, and then you will be OK
( and so do not go back to build 42)