Using Weather-Display in Client Mode

This FAQ describes how to set up Weather-Display to run as a stationless client using data from another Weather-Display system. The clientraw.txt datafile can either be uploaded to a webserver or be on a drive accessible via a network by the client machine. The set up of the source system to upload the clientraw.txt file to a webserver is described in another FAQ here

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Install Weather-Display

Select the Control Panel

Select Weather Station type and station settings

Select the Stationless/WLK tab and check the Stationless box

Close the Station selection window

Return to the Control Panel and select FTP/Internet…Client Server setup

Select the TCP/IP Client Server tab

Web Option: Set up the client to read data from a webserver (jump to option 2 below to read data on a mapped drive)

Check the The data is from over the internet box and enter the URL for the clientraw.txt file in the box

Mapped/Network Drive Option: Set up the client to read data from a mapped/network drive (jump this step if the internet connection has been set up in the previous step)

Push the Set location for clientraw.txt button, this will bring up the Select Directory window. Select the drive and directory and push the OK button

Check the Use clientraw.txt… box

The following steps apply to both web and network configurations

Switch on the Client Enabled switch

Set the main switch on and push the OK button

Save and Exit and restart Weather-Display and it should work