Using Station Rain Total

The optional setting in WD Station Type and Settings to ‘USE STATION RAIN TOTAL’ is useful if this gives a more accurate rainfall figure. However, using this setting means that all historical data is also changed to the stations own totals, which may or may not be desirable.
However, trying to correct these historical figures is fruitless, as WD instantly changes them back to the stations readings.
Can anything be done to prevent this happening ?

What station? GW1102?

Yup, good guess, although from my earlier post it was a fairly safe bet ! I dont see an obvious answer to this, will see how the rainfall pans out without aforementioned setting.

You can correct the rain totals using the WSView Plus app or in the case of a GW1100 gateway the web interface. Any changes should be reflected in WD.


Thanks, but I’ve examined the app and the webpage and haven’t found anywhere that data can be modified.

I’m not good at guessing: La Crosse WS2800 :laughing:

We are talking a GW1100 here are we not? In which case I can assure you that on the app you select the gateway and then ‘More’ then ‘Rain totals’ which can be edited. I know because I have one!


My apologies, thought I had checked every option on the app, but obviously hadn’t.
Thanks again, that should sort out my rain issues.