Using an extra temp/hum sensor instead of outdoor sensor


I have an OS WMR968 whose outdoor temp/hum sensor died yesterday. So I moved my extra temp/hum sensor outside thinking I’d be able to get WD to use that as the outdoor temp/hum, but so far I haven’t been able to find a setting to do just that. Is there any way to do that or am I stuck with the outdoor temp/hum charts flatlined?

Thanks in advance.


edit: Ok, somehow (heh) I managed to get it to do just what I wanted. So I have a backup solution until I can get the main sensor replaced. :slight_smile:

Help! I’m in the same situation - the temp/hum sensor on my 1 month old WMR968 just stopped working and I want to use one of my extra temp/hum units in its place. In the Control Panel/Station Type & Settings tab, I changed the “Sensor # for outdoor Temp/Hum” to 2, but I see no change on the main display. What am I missing or doing wrong?



view, wmr968 extra sensor hi/low
then set there to use for outdoor temp

That did it. Thanks Brian!