Using a METAR in Australia

Hi all,
I am trying to get a metar to work for Adelaide. I know both the station ID’s that I can use (YPAD and YPPF), but I can’t download them. There is an option there to use the server instead of the NOAA website. If I ask it to do a test, it does nothing. Well It does download the file, yet in the file it says that it a 404 Error Not Found.
Is there a switch that I have gotten wrong? I have cleared the older settings for the NOAA ftp uploading and such, but I am not sure if or where I have to point it to use the site. I have had a look on the site and those stations do exist. Well at least the YPAD one does.
Where to next??

just tested
YPAD works for me
you have to set it as
in WD
(and in capitals)

Here’a a nice link for metars: