Use of Davis VP and Weather Display without Weather link or logger

I have just upgraded from an OS 968 to a Davis 6152. I was thrilled to get the unit but disappointed that I really need to spend another $150 or so to get data from the unit to my PC and use some other software than WD (I guess WeatherLink) and a data logger I really don’t think I need.

In the forum at this link - there is a groundswell of folks that have figured out the pinouts on the Vantage Console and the protocol for the data transmission. As described at that forum, you can build your own circuit and cable to get the data from your Vantage Console to your PC for less than $30 or so.

So my question is, is there a way to configure the WD software to read this data and use it to interpret the data from the Vantage Console??

Thanks for any feedback!


think of the weatherlink software coming with the data logger hardware

Does WD get the live VP data if the logger switch is off? If so I believe it should work with the DIY cable.

Aardvark, I think you may have missed that the original post refers to the description of a project to make a cable that connects a VP/Vue console direct to a PC without needing to buy the weatherlink. Several cables have been made and they do work, but only for live data, there is no archive function.

The switch my post refers to is the one on the datalogger page in WD that controls WD’s archive functions.

I think you may be referring to your WeatherLink IP?

Does WD get the live VP data if the logger switch is off?

Then based on my reading of that thread WD should work with the home made cable :slight_smile:

I will give it a shot then. I tried to set it up once with the DIY cable but it did not look like it was working as no data appeared to be received. I will post an update after I try again.



Did you build a serial or USB?

I built the Serial variant - I understood that it was more stable than the straight USB. Still for $30 waaaayyyy better than the $140 or so Data Logger. I am still trying to get this to work…not sure yet as I have not had a lot of time recently :-k