USB and multiple comm ports

If you are short of comm ports these people make a range of great USB to multiple comm port devices.

We have one that has a Vantage Pro, WMR928, WS2300 and WS2500 all running in real time with the PC.

sounds good!
Does WD run ok with this USB to com port adaptor ( i have one here but I have had some problems)
Also, does WD work with the WS2500?

It is working fine Brian.

As it is our instore demo we run;

OS WMR928 to WeatherDisplay
Davis VP+ to Weatherlink (and occasionaly WeatherDisplay)
La Crosse WS2300 to Heavyweather (and occasionaly WeatherDisplay)

All concurrently.

I have tried a Kestrel interface at the same time with no probs.

Haven’t played with the WS2500 yet I had a demo on loan from the distributor a few weeks back and stock is due any day now.

The machine is an small format NEC 1.8 Athalon, 256Mb and XP-Pro.

We are using the 4 port version. Set up was easy. I found that I had to ignore the comm port numbers printed on the casing and work out what was connected to what but it only took a couple of secs.

cool…let me know if wd works with the ws2500 (choose that in the weather station type…it will get the data every 5 minutes)