USA Template: Davis forecast

A long time ago I turned on the Davis forecast to show on the wxindex.php page. Now I want to get rid of it as it is less than useless and taking up space. Problem is I can’t find where I turned it on :oops:. I would greatly appreciate a gentle reminder of where to turn if off. As always, thanks.

Hmmmm…Good question…I shall search!

I called myself searching this morning…I’ve searched the forum for “Davis forecast” and looked through advforecast2.php, wxindex.php and Settings.php but I don’t see it. Possibly fresh eyes will find it. :smiley:

Not at that computer now but I think it is the config file.


The secret place is in ajax-dashboard.php.

Just change

		   if ($vpforecasttext <> '') {


		   if (false and $vpforecasttext <> '') {

and the VP forecast will be suppressed, irrespective of whether the forecast is available or not :slight_smile:

Best regards,

Thank you very much. :greenjumpers: