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I have a couple of pages where the second level of the fly-out menu gets hidden behind the content of the page. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks

If it’s behind a Flash display, then yes … just include a parameter of ‘wmode’ as ‘opaque’ or ‘transparent’. With the swfobject.js that looks like this

var so = new SWFObject(swfFileName+"?"+pathToConfig, swfFileName, MinWidth, MinHeight, "8", backgroundColourOfSWF);
so.addParam("quality", "high");
so.addParam("wmode", "opaque"); // needed for the flyout menu to float on top, instead of behind
so.addParam('salign', 'lt');           // align left top
if( so.write('flashcontent') ) {
    var forcesize = new SWFForceSize( so, MinWidth, MaxWidth, Ratio, BelowDivPadding, PageHeightPadding );

If it’s a Java Applet, then sorry… there’s no equivalent to force the Java applet to not be ‘topmost’ in the display order. I had to include the following on my NexStorm StormVue page (using the Storvue.jar)

Note: Java applets insist on being the topmost layer of display in the browser. The navigation menu above will open dropdown boxes which may display behind the Java applet below. Sorry, but there is no fix for this issue. Please navigate to another page on the site to see the full navigation links.

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Yep…that’s the problem…javascript. Thanks, Ken.


JavaScript is well-behaved … it’s Java applets that have the issue … the two most widely used are probably the DavisTicker (from Davis Instruments) and StormVue (from Astrogenics). Also the Java viewer for NEXRAD radar on the NOAA sites … all these will have the ‘topmost in window’ problem.

It’s a Flash applet invoked by their own JavaScript (like the swfobject.js script used by WDL/MML) … unfortunately, they didn’t include the ‘wmode=opaque’ parm when they launch their Flash object. I’d written to the author a while back and asked him to include that (either as an option or built-in) in their JavaScript … he said a future version would include it … no word on when.

You might drop him a note citing the problem and asking when the StormPulse API will be updated to add the needed feature.

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An alternative would be to use something like Lytebox to have their javascript app show up in a pop out box.

That way, it can be “put back” and the menu will be available.

With lytebox, you can include almost any type of content.

Thanks, Ken…I will definitely drop them a line about what’s happening.

Is this the same problem? (see picture) I’ve had it since I set up the page but didn’t know what to do…mine is a flash display…I don’t have a link to the menu since it had this problem…so Ken to the rescue again, but I didn’t understand what exactly I have to do.
Thank you.

here is the link to the full page Syros Weather - Καιρός Σύρου - Syros Forecast - Πρόγνωση καιρού Σύρος - Camera - Κάμερα - GREECE - Sample Blank Page


Yes, the same problem. On your gauges/index3.html just change

<PARAM NAME=quality VALUE=high>
<PARAM NAME=bgcolor VALUE=#000000>


<PARAM NAME=quality VALUE=high>
<PARAM NAME=bgcolor VALUE=#000000>
<PARAM NAME=wmode VALUE=opaque>

and that should allow the flyout-menu to open over the flash control.

Hi Ken and thanks again, did that but still the same, tried transparent as well but no go. Not a problem, will look at it later to find a solution.

It may be due to including the page as an

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I just built a page on my site using Open Flash Charts and the fly-out menu goes underneath it. Jack (firewall) tried to help me but for some reason I can not get them to appear above the graphs. I tried this (In your swfobject file add or change this in it…this.addParam(“wmode”, “transparent”); // needed for the flyout menu to float on top, instead of behind) and even tried opaque. Here is the link to the page. Any help would be great.


Other than getting the charts scripts “fixed” which you can’t do on your own, I can think of two possible remedies…

  1. Give a buffer on the right edge of your menu to give enough room for the fly out to show without obstruction.

  2. Make the flash popups using something like lytebox.


What is funny is the Jack’s (firewall) page is ok. I will probably just move them away from the left side.


Looks the same as your site to me.

Just received word from Matthew at StormPulse. The API has a new &wmode=[opaque|transparent] option and now it works with the dropdown and flyout-menu (they appear when &wmode=opaque is on the invoking URL).


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