URL will not delete

Hi Brian,
Ref: Setup/Setup FTP-internet/HTTP download/ Screens 2 and 3. I have been trying to use this feature for sometime and I keep running into problems and reporting them. I am happy to say that you have fixed all of them up to now which makes me very grateful. The newest bug will not allow me to delete an old URL or File name in screen 2 or 3. When I press Delete URL or File button, the URL and File names are removed from the screen. In other words, the screen is empty but when I try to download using the Test button or Download clock the old URL or file is still is the program. I have even tried to enter a new URL/file name but the program still sees that old ones. Yes, I did make sure that the new names were at the top of the fields. Any suggestions? Screen 1 works perfectly. Just updated to 9.88d.

export and email me your wdisplayftp.ini settings from the registry andy i will have a look
(see here:

Hi Brain,

I just sent the registry file to you by email. Thank you for the quick reply.

goto RUN, the REGEDIT, then find WDISPLAYFTP and delete from there