UPS and backup battery

This last week I have been the victim of power failures. Three today because of local thunderstorms.
Fortunately I was at home and could restart the computer when power returned. One episode was < 1s but sufficient to switch off.
I have looked at some Belkin models and one showed 45 min backup power but no indication of the dimensions.
Cost about

The size is mainly determined by the batteries so bigger is better.

For Belkin if you find the UPS here and follow the more info link, and then select the user manual you should find the dimensions.

I see that you want the UPS to restart automatically when power is restored, I have two Belkins and they won’t/can’t do that. So far as I can tell it’s impossible to determine that from the specification, and shipping cost will kill you if you have to return one :frowning: Good luck with Belkin tech support too, in my experience you may as well talk to the wall, they only have one response regardless of the question “did you fully charge the battery before you used it?” :roll:

i have two of the APC Backup RS versions, and they have software that kicks in when the power fails, then when there is about 5 min left ( I have it set that way) shuts down the computer, software , etc…

So I would guess that if one had WD set to load at boot then, when the thing returned to AC power, the computers start back up and then wd kicks in…

I use APC and have had no problems.

The only tough thing I had was when I replaced the battery … Kind of a tight fit, but it works. I should get one for school now that they have this old fart parking closer. ( not for the health, so I can get to off campus meetings quicker, they are all heart).

I have tied my APC for the computer, and the backup power for the VP console… Have the battery adapter plugged into a power strip to extend the number of plugs. I figured that would be a nice thing to drain the last bit of juice… of course the laser is on it’s own.

The only cavet I have is to be sure that your outlet is grounded for the surge protection the unit claims to have.

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I have a small APC unit and the outlets on that do power back up when the line power returns. APC is generally better than Belkin, but quite a bit more expensive on a $ per watt basis.

Thanks for the info. I think I’m leaning towards an APC unit.

I think I might also be confused :? about restarting the PC vs restarting the outlet power. Is the ability for a PC to restart/reboot after a power failure a function (some setting) of the PC?

I actually have a 3kva MGE-UPS unit here. :slight_smile:

You will need to go in to the bios and make the change in there to restart the pc on a AC restart.

Yes, the BIOS will determine if the PC will start when it sees power again, some BIOS’s don’t have that option.

Thanks for all the info gents. I can now start shopping around. I’ve ‘hung around’ for some time so time spent finding the right equipment is not a top priority but it’s always safer when using info from experienced users.

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Yup, that’s right.

Well unless you’ve still got your motherboard manual (which most of us lose the week after we buy it), then restarting is the only option.

I guess you could go to the motherboards website and hunt for the manual, but rebooting is probably a whole lot quicker. :slight_smile:

Looks like you’ve got your mind made up and not to confuse matters, but I just purchased a Belkin 1100VA about two months ago for roughly $100 US free shipping and am very pleased with it, was the best bang for the buck IMHO, I shopped extensively.

The software that comes with it has the option to shutdown the operating system (most do) when battery reaches a minimum limit (low battery), and after this an option to shutoff the UPS, this can be left unchecked so not sure what happens when power is restored, only real way to find out would be to pull the power plug and when the operating system is shutdown, UPS drained to point of shutoff, would be to plug power back in and see what happens. I haven’t tested this as of yet.

I ran a simulated test on it after a full days charge (pulled plug), I had the option to power off the UPS after OS shutdown checked, here’s the results if you care to look:

I got 25 minutes out of it with time to spare for shutdown.

Oh yea and it’s almost exactly the size of a toaster but slimmer, fits under my desk nicely.

I hope Belkin changed the firmware since they made mine (2-3 years now), one of its dumb tricks is that if you set it to shut down “x” minutes after line power fail, it will do exactly that, go ahead and kill power to your PC even if the failure was short and line power has come back on the meantime :roll:

I did notice that the current version of the Bulldog software does have the restart option, but it’s noted that only some models will actually do that.

Wow!! This is beginning to get a bit too high tech for me :? :?.

All I want is to stop my desktop switching off in a short power outage and perhaps keep it running for about 30 - 40 mins.
I hadn’t given thought to what happens when power is restored :oops:.

Appreciate all the info and shall research the pros and cons of using a UPS setup.

It’s always worth adding a UPS because then at least the system will be shut down gently and tidily.

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There are also options to wake the PC up throught the LAN, COM in some Bios systems, that might work if no “power up” when mains restored option is not available.