uploaded tag - problem (its always beginning with %)

Hi guys,
I do have a problem when uploading tag Currentsolardesciption and weathercond:

There is always % shown at the beginning of the word for actual Currentsolardescription and also the same with weathercond.

Here is the part of the Code:



Please have also a look into the attached screenshot.

Thanks a lot to all guys out there helping me!

Upload tag problem.doc (69.5 KB)

Try adding a space after > before % and see if that helps?
700"> %Currentsolardescription%


Thanks for that tip, but it does not resolve that problem…

Looks like you have a “%” for no reason right after the color tag in each section before the … What is that there?


Good catch…

That has to be it :slight_smile:


Thanks to all your guys out there for cecking that code and resolving that issue! :smiley: