Upload from WeatherDisplay to Weather Underground

this is my first post in this forum and you might already guess that I

have you entered the username and password correctly into WD?
(note that will be case sensitive)

I started out with my handle (Tureberg) as user and my pw but have changed to what I think is scorrect - my e-mail address as user since this is what is required for interactive log in to Weather Underground. Both gives the same result. I’m pretty sure about case usage.

your user name is not normaly your email address
wunderground should have supplied you with a username and password when you sign up with them
(its normaly in upper case too, the username)

I checked my e-mail regarding signup from Weather Underground and this is the content (except for my substituted e-mail address);

[i]Greetings from the Weather Underground!
Follow this URL to activate your wunderground membership:

I have received no other e-mail from them. Is it correct to substitute the “@” with “%40” in the URL as they do? I thought %40 was ASCII character 40 which I think is blank character… :?
This is the only mail I got from them and the information is valid for interactive login. Could it be that I need some other login information for data upload?

Edit #1: Just checked the ASCII character table which says that character 40 is indeed the @ sign in hexadecimal representation.

Edit #2: Since it is night time “over there” I thought I dive into the problem a little further. The URL produced by WD for updating wunderground contains the @ sign and not the substitution characters “%40”. Could this be the cause of the problem (if my correct user name really is my e-mail address…)?

Edit #3: Tried to put in a random user and password which gave me the same output in the FTP Error Log as with correct info. What is this log used for - is it not for logging connection status?

did you click on the URL link in the email to activate the membership?
and then you should get a username and password

I did click the link and it was first after that I could make an interactive login. I have received no mail from wunderground after clicking the link.

maybe check your spam folder
or maybe try contacting wunderground

you should get a username set by them at least

others who have more recently signed up migth be able to help you out
its been 12 years since I last signed up

I found the original sign up e-mail in the spam folder but there are no other mail there from wunderground. I do have a user name (my e-mail adress) a handle and a password. The e-mail address and password gives me access to the wunderground web site.

I’m pretty sure WD needs to allow for the @ sign to be used in the user name field. However, it does not seem to be the only problem I’m encountering - the test I did with a modified URL gave the same page back from wunderground.
I’m still curious about the FTP Error Log - what does it mean with “Wunderground connected status: OK”?

I’ll contact Weather Underground to see if they can figure this out for me.

I think you have to use your Wunderground ID rather than your email address, for instance mine is KWIMAUST1. Maybe try that?

  • Jim

how did you get your Wunderground ID? Do you use the same ID if you want to access your page on Wunderground?

It has been a very long time since I did that, but I went through the signup process at http://www.wunderground.com/weatherstation/index.asp. The station ID was then assigned to me by WU. To sign in to WU I do use my EMail address.

I don’t remember if the signup process gave me the ID right away or if it was sent to me in an EMail. Anyway, now when I go to http://www.wunderground.com/wxstation/signup.html I see my station listed and can edit information about it if I need to. If you don’t see your station listed there, maybe you need to sign up again?

Good Luck. - Jim

Eureka - two steps forward! :smiley: After log in to wunderground using my e-mail address and associated pw I found a dropdown list under my handle named “My Weather Stations”. There is a listing with one entry and - Voila! - there is my Station ID. For sure different than my e-mail address and all in upper case letters and numbers, just as Brian suggested. (I guess the meaning of having different interactive log in and “RapidFire” log in is to make it possible to update from several different weather stations using the same user.)

At first my new test did not give a positive result - still no data at wunderground. But when I checked after compiling this reply my weather data showed up! You just need to be patient for a few minutes.

The conclusion is that I must have overlooked (or never received) the Station ID at sign up and falsely supposed that wunderground used the same log in information for both interactive log in as for updates.

I forgot to tell you that I really do appreciate your help with getting this up and running!



I’m glad that you got it sorted out and that WD now uploads it for you.

Enjoy. - Jim