Hi, only a few days left of the trial period. The program is still not updating itself from the metar warnings. This is the forth time Ive asked for help so maybe this time somebody will. Shame really, brilliant program just the same. I suppose Ill save some money not buying it of course, somethings are not for everybody.
Good luck to everybody whos got it up and running and ill pop in from time to time at the forums.
Bye rohen :frowning:

I don’t understand the question completely…

Do you have a weather station, or are you running stationless? Give us a little info on your setup and we should be able to help. Most of us here who run WD are not experts like Brian, but there is usually someone who has had the same problem and knows the fix.

Please don’t give up on WD yet, it is, by far, the best weather software available. Brian can tell you how to extend the trial period so you can completely check out the software before purchase, so don’t let that influence your decision. Brian is out of town for a few days so please be patient. In the mean time, give us some info on your setup and what you’re trying to do and we will be happy to help.

Hi, tks for reply NorCal Dan, here goes.

  1. Im stationless so Im using metars.
    These are coming in okay as you see.
  2. The summary image is not updating properly from the metars and neither is the side showing current conditions.

My question is how do I update the summary image and current conditions from the metar.
tks rohen.




Ok, let’s start with this…are you set to use stationless for your station type under setup – control panel – weather station type?

Hi and yes. Most of the valid switches are on green. The program seems to take in the info for one second before it returns back to 13 degreesagain.
Might I suggest that you write a check list instead of taking one

Another thought…which I’m sure you’ve considered, but worth mentioning just in case.

Are you downloading multiple METARs? If so the icon only appears to update from the first METAR in the list, even though the text of ‘Use this METAR for local sky/icon conditions’ seems to suggest otherwise (although it’s a long time since I played with this so I may have this the wrong way round!) I assume you’ve already got the ‘Use this METAR to update WD in stationless mode’ ticked.

I do not use stationless mode and I don’t have a checklist. I am merely attempting to help you while Brian is on vacation.

Check your settings under – Setup – Control Panel – FTP/Internet – Ftp/Metar Download

Here’s a screen shot I did for someone else…it shows you the area where you should verify your settings. Since I don’t use metars my boxes are empty in this screen shot. Your screen should contain the metar you want to use for your station data. Ensure you have ticked the ‘Use this Metar’ boxes for what you want WD to do.

i have been away…
but I dont recall any emails on this…sorry If i missed them
email me your settings files, after going action, back up registry entry now, in wd
i.e the settings files, wdisplay.ini and wdisplayftp.reg, from the folder databackup
and then i can check your settings
and , so you have ticked, use the metar to update weather displays data, as well as ticked to use it for wunderground/icons, as circled by Dan in the screen shot?