Updates off by 12 hours

I’ve noticed over the last couple of days that the times of updates on dashboard in the the afternoon have been off by 12 hours - am showing when it should be pm. I believe the problem maybe related to the clientraw.txt file having the wrong time (am vs pm). Ideas anyone?




The testtags.php is also showing the same time

// General OR Non Weather Specific/SUN/MOON
// ========================================
$time =  '03:05 AM';	// current time
$date =  '10/19/2015';	// current date

So if the testtags and clientraw think it is 03:05AM maybe the time of the PC is 12 hrs off also?

Success, Wim

I will check the time on the PC again when I get home this evening. What’s interesting is that in the morning the update time shows am, so if the PC was off by 12 hours I would think that the testtags and clientraw would be showing pm in the morning.


But the clientraw is showing:

032	Station Name	L	-3:31:23 PM

so bad news, the station name field isn’t populated but good news, the time looks good :?

I think your dashboard script is formatting the time from clientraw fields 29, 30 and 31, and field 29 for the hour is saying 04 hence the AM as it is less than 12?

I wondered about that, but surely there are a lot of am/pm template users?

Indeed, and if any of them are not using 24 hour mode in WD?
This is also affecting other parts of the dashboard e.g.

High Today

It’s hard to rationalize clientraw showing PM and testtags showing AM :?

Maybe an update to the current WD would be a good first step, 281 is quite a bit behind.

Maybe this problem http://discourse.weather-watch.com/p/470313 fixed back in July? That would have been around #281.

Thanks guys. Updating to the latest version of WD has resolved the problem. :smiley: