Updated advforecast2.php (JSON) V5.11 handles NWS API change

With the announcement of the NWS on 29-Apr-2019 that the api.weather.gov was deprecating the forecast queries for points/ and removing the current 302 redirect to a gridpoint forecast, the underlying method of using the API had to change in the script.

Now, the specified point’s meta-data is fetched first (from cache if available, otherwise fetched from API and cached) and the gridpoint forecast is used directly (based on the meta-data content). The prior caching method (in ./cache/forecast-URLcache.txt) is no longer used (that had contained the point->gridpoint URLs).

Now the ./cache/forecast-{zone}-{N}-json-meta.txt file contains all the relevant data about the specified point that was derived from multiple API fetches re: point, Zone, WFO and saved.

If you’re using the V5.10 script, please update before 24-Jun-2019 when the NWS will turn off the 302 redirect for the point forecast and that version of the script will likely fail to work properly.

Standalone update: use the script page for download.
Saratoga Template(USA): use the update tool page with query Base-USA, Plugin-*, 30-Apr-2019