Update yesterdays rain

Yesterday my website (https://meteo-deoudewereldoost.nl) ran into a fatal (UTC timing) error. Still do not know why, but I was able to restore the website from a very recent backup (couple of hours old). It now works again, but I am missing rain data from yesterday. It rained after the timepoint of the backup and before the restore timepoint.

So the site shows yesterday’s rain as 0.0. How do I update this? (1) I tried the PWS_hist_update.php, but this reponds with: Sorry not possible and (2) _wu_upd.php (following the instructions to make copies etc) and this one responds that the .arr file
is empty.

How do I fix this? It is currently only about updating yesterdays rainfall.

This will be “fixed” after the mid-night roll-over as there will be a new “yesterrday”

You need to use . . /PWS_hist_update.php?pw=_your_easyweather_password to update the history.
But the temporary yesterdays values are not included in the updates script.
The other permanent values are available to update.


This does give me the reply on screen: “Sorry - not possible”

If you typed your easyweathersetup password correctly, please PM or e-mail me your easyweather password.
Then i can test and see why it is not working at your site.


Hi Ron,

The password you sent me by e-mail does not work in setup.
So it will not work in the any of the update-scripts either.
See attached screenshot.
Maybe there is an older password in use ?
You mentioned “the website from a very recent backup”

Hi Wim,

Just tries it myself and this one works. It is: password removed 2023-12-29 11:14 UTC

And now the history updates also.

tries=tried. Let me know it you want me to temporary change the password

Not necessary, all works.
I removed the passwords from the posts.


Okay thanks, I’ll once-more try to make the update

But one can not make an update to the yesterdays values!

Only to the other historic values if they not coming from the weather-program.


Clear! I have upped the monthly total which is now exactly in line with the weather program again