Update testtags.php with METAR

Hi, is there a way to update the testtags.php with the wind from METAR?

In the folder where WD is installed you’ll find a file named tagslist.txt that contains all of the tags that Brian has added over the years. In there I find %downloadedmetar1wind% so search for that and you’ll find there are other tags too that might be more suitable. Then add whatever you wish to testtags.txt and you should be all set.

Of course WD has to be set to download the METAR that you are interested in.

  • Jim

OK I found %downloadedmetar1wind% which is what I would need, but I am not sure how to add that to the testtag.php file that gets sent to the website every 10 minutes.

In your WD webfiles folder you should find a testtags.txt then add to it

$downloadedmetar1wind = ‘%downloadedmetar1wind%’;

WD processes testtags.txt and outputs testtags.php. Now you’ll have the $downloadedmetar1wind variable to use in your scripts.

  • Jim

Ah I see, I changed the variable for the actual wind-speed
$gstspd = ‘%gstspd%’;
$gstspd = ‘%downloadedmetar1windonly%’;
Which didn’t work of course, I’m new to web design and still learning.

OK I did that but I get no values in the $downloadedmetar1wind
I did this in the testtag.txt
$downloadedmetar1wind = ‘%downloadedmetar1wind%’;
but when the testtags.php generates it give me this :
$downloadedmetar1wind = ‘%downloadedmetar1wind%’;
there is no value in the ‘%downloadedmetar1wind%’
I am downloading the META data as I have a folder called meta and there is a file in there.

Hmmm, if you are downloading a METAR then I think that should work. Maybe give a couple METAR cycles and see? Otherwise, maybe someone else has an idea what is wrong.

Try putting


in your testtags.txt where NZAA is your METAR, and does that work? Maybe that is required to get things going … just guessing on this one.

  • Jim

It seems to be working now, I did manage to get it working by adding the following line

$downloadedmetarreport = ‘%metar/report=%EGLC.MET’;// meta all data

I also did the following, I had to make sure I have ticked , to use airport downloaded metars, in the custom web page setup, in the webfiles/web page setup
then those metar tags will work OK

Good deal, you are up and running.

Enjoy. - Jim

Thanks jmcmurry

Next problem (lol) now the wind rose is not working (the png files seem to have broken. It seems to have a space between the name and the direction, instead of saying wr-NW.png it has wr- 20NW.png with space between wr- and 20NW.png

Also last question, does anyone know what METAR’s tags I could use for the following? I have looking the the tagslist.txt file and don’t see any for the below?

$maxgst = ‘%maxgst%’; // today’s maximum wind speed
$maxgstt = ‘%maxgstt%’; // time this occurred
$maxgsthr = ‘%maxgsthr%’; // maximum gust last hour
$dirdeg = ‘%dirdeg%’; // wind direction (degrees)

Sorry, nothing comes to mind for the .png file problem, perhaps someone else knows what is going on there.

METAR’s don’t provide the info for the four items that you are looking for, so I think you are out of luck there.

  • Jim

Ah OK, for the png files, I took a copy of all of the png’s for wind direction and just added a space between the hyphen and words and that worked.

I will have a look at the Wind and remove some of those texts from there. I assume it’s the index.php file that I modify?

AAAhhhh, testtags.php has stopped uploading. I have checked the tick box and the tick box for “Create and upload testtags.txt as testtags.php” is checked so not sure why it is not uploading. :?