Update period between weather station and WD


Hi all,
How do I change the frequency of the update from my weather station to WD? it is currently about every 5 seconds, which I believe is too short, one of the unwanted effects is that it slows down the FTP update times somewhat, I have been over both the manuals??? for WD and for the weather station.
Any and all help appreciated


As far as I know, the data rate for the WM-918/ WX-200 cannot be changed. The factory default is pre-set, and I’m afraid you’re stuck with that…unless someone out there knows of a modification to the circuitry ?

Thanks Kevin,
That was what I suspected.

I thought WD polled the console for data?

I think some stations need polling and some just send data without being polled. I’m pretty sure the OS stations just send data at a predefined frequency.

Yes…I believe that is the case. My understanding is that the WM-918/WX-200 stations are one-way. They can send data out, but they are not equiped to receive commands etc. from the PC. Maybe Windy can explain this in further detail ?

yes, correct o mondo
the wm918 and wmr968 just spit out the data at predifind interval, the software does not need to request the data


I’ve been monitoring the data received box on WD display . I use anOS WMR928N and the data received is not at a steady time interval. Most of the time it’s ca 5s, but can be as little as 3s and as much as 12s (this was an observation over about a 5 minute period). I only FTP upload every hour so the received data rate doesn’t seem to affect anything.


the wmr968 is different
it sends some data every 10 seconds (i.e windspeed), and then other data every 15 seconds, and they can overlap a bit