update error "please come back later"

just tried at ca 13h15 today to check for updated scripts with PWS_updates.php

got this message :

118253returncode:0 | Errors: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds Errors retrieving current versions, please come back later

I tested with other websites, this occurs at your site, not (yet) at other sites.
“Same problem” as last week, check this topic: Update error message ** Solved **
This is a DNS error. Seems your webserver can not reach pwsdashboard.com to get the “latest list of updates.”

It is a problem at your server/dns: https://www.matar.be/pwsWD/startHere.php fails to load a file from that same server => fatal error
Better check why your browser van find the file https://pwsdashboard.com/startHere.txt but not your webserver.


Although it sometimes seems to disappear this “Errors retrieving current versions, please come back later” message is still there.

The providers can not pin-point where it occurs. No idea of the “why” either.

The problem:
Retrieving the array with the current script-versions fails as there is no CURL-connect between your pwsWD/ scripts and the dashboard server.

SOLUTION[1] to test:
The adapted PWS_updates.php script will read the same file from another server of another provider .
If it can load it from there that solution will work.

SOLUTION[2] to test later on:
If even the backup-location is not reachable, I will post a zip to manually retrieve the file.
You have to unzip and upload to your pwsWD/jsondata/ folder
Uploading a file will give it a new time-stamp on most (not all) servers.


PWS_updates.php.zip (5.41 KB)

Thanks Wim,
I have installed the script and it works.

Wim, thanks I tried the new file and it worked although there were no updates. I will continue checking weekly to see if anything changes.

p.s. I ran it again after waiting a few hours and this is what I got.

folder script Installed ToDo Current Remarks
PWS_updates.php 01|2021-03-18 check 01|2020-12-09 lang=en release 2012_lts

Thanks for the email Wim. Will update the script tonight.

I updated the script and it worked. Thanks Wim!


Thanks for the heads up Wim, installed and working

Thanks Wim it worked

Thanks Wim. :smiley:

I was not aware of this.
There is a problem with the update script / server communication for a small number of users, sadly ulsteinvikweather is one of them.

All updated and working.

Again, thanks for making all script/templates you do.