Unusual display error in Twitter feeds - SOLVED!

Recently some of my Twitter feeds have been displaying question marks instead of degree symbols - eg 10?C rather than 10

Further to my post here a couple of days ago, most of my tweets are now showing a question mark rather than the degree symbol.

Searching for #WDISPLAY or #WEATHER on Twitter reveals many peoples’ tweets are affected in the same way.

I am assuming from this that it’s a Twitter or Twitter API problem rather than a Weather Display problem?

Mine is showing normal…


Yours doesn’t have the

Aren’t you supposed to use the tags without degrees and substitute the html code for degrees?

I never used too, and I’m using %temp% which should give an output of 7.6&degC, or it does on the wx***.html files anyway. :?

Same here, until recently %temp% has always correctly displayed the temperature with the degree symbol.

As this has been working correctly until now, I am assuming this is a Twitter issue (again…) :roll:

If you are seeing ? for

So why have standard weather display tags such as %temp%, that have been working perfectly until now, suddenly stopped working correctly??

OK, faulty recollection issue :oops:

I just noticed that I am getting the same thing on my display after it had been working fine since I started sending updates a couple of months ago and it is consistent. Something changed on Twitter’s end.

My Twitter account: http://twitter.com/ucweather

Union City, CA - 1:03 PM - clear - Temp 70.3?F - Hum 34 pct - Wind 5.0 mph W #wdisplay

Union City, CA - 12:03 PM - clear - Temp 70.1?F - Hum 28 pct - Wind 6.0 mph WSW #wdisplay

Union City, CA - 11:03 AM - clear - Temp 68.9?F - Hum 32 pct - Wind 0.0 mph WNW #wdisplay

Would suggest a change on the Twitter side.

I didn’t have any trouble HTTP Posting a degree symbol a few minutes ago, and Harry’s degree symbol is back :slight_smile: So it’s either fixed or intermittent.

But Mr Man’s comes and goes :?

It’s intermittent. As I looked closer at my updates, I saw where it picked up the degree symbol correctly about 1 out of 5-6 updates.

The degree symbol is now showing in only a minority of updates.

Is there a tag within WD that allows for display of the current, maximum & minimum temperatures (with decimal place) but without displaying the degree symbol - eg 15.4C ?

I’ve looked through the tag list and can’t find it, only the temperature without a decimal place.

untick to show units
in the custom web page setup in the webfiles/web page setup
and then you can add in what you want after the tag to display what you want for a degree symbol

Thanks Brian, that’s sorted it! There must be something Twitter doesn’t like about the %temp% tag with units displayed.

I’ve unchecked “include the Units used” as you suggested and amended the Twitter string to include the units after the tags. For degrees I simply added “%B0C” after the temperature tags to include the degree symbol, B0 being the character code for the degree symbol. I have also of course now had to add mb, mph & mm etc.

For those interested my feed Twitter string now reads: -

%23Salisbury %time%: %weathercond%, %temp%%B0C (H%maxtemp%%B0C L%mintemp%%B0C), %baro%mb (%pressuretrendname%), %dirlabel% %avgspd%mph, %hum%%25, %dayrn%mm

The old string (with include units checked) which Twitter didn’t like was: -

%23Salisbury %time%: %weathercond%, %temp% (H%maxtemp% L%mintemp%), %baro% (%pressuretrendname%), %dirlabel% %avgspd%, %hum%%25, %dayrn%

Hope this helps other people having the same problem.

Wondering if turning off the units display in WD will affect the ajax templates?

it will mean you will have to add in the units after the tags where ever you have used custom tags

or instead use the custom tags in the twitter feed that dont have units in the first place