Universal Interface

you can use the remote control feature in wd to let WD not disconnect the modem, after a web upload, etc,and so then you can log on…

What’s the difference between the universal file and the clientraw.txt file?

Thanks for all the ideas guys. I was unaware of dns2go. Since I’m using a batch for FTP I was thinking I could get the PC’s IP into a file, ipconfig>myipis.txt, extract the IP and upload to the website - and then catch it while it was still online. Not sure how that would fly thru the router, I guess if I turn NAT off the PC would get an ISP assigned IP, maybe need some thought on that part.

You may be wondering why hassle with the network/modem/router? It’s so I can take my wireless laptop there and don’t have to do any reconfiguring to connect.

PCA 10.5 is pricey, $143 academic - phew! I do see OEM for about $100.

grhughes - The universal interface file is input to WD substituting for data received directly from a weather station for which WD has an interface. My understanding of clientraw.txt is that it is an output from WD, and I’m guessing it includes additional parameters calculated by WD like dewpoint, min and max.

VNC is free…and should do the trick for remote control.