Units on the webgraph

Hi Brian,

I am using 9.87d, and on the web-graph the wind-units are now in bft (great) but the units (2…4…6…8…10…12) are not shown.

The graph is also ‘higher’ then the one on the pc, almost double in value.




ok, i did delve into the code and copied over from the main screen code what was needed…
but i must have missed some important info
so i will do some testing/fixing soon

i have, hopefully, made some improvements here, with the latest version
please try

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the adjustments, the units are now displayed on the web-graph !

I use WD with Metar on my pc, and if i look at de wind dial on the left (the round one), it now shows 2 BFT, the graph on the pc shows 1 BFT and the webgraph shows 3 BFT.

The WD running with the weatherstation is more difficult to check, but there is clearly a difference between the graph on the pc and the webgraph.

But the difference is smaller then it used to be.

I haven’t had the possibility to check it in stronger winds, it is quite calm here lately.