Units on the Autoscale graph


I have set the units to Beaufort but in the autoscale graphs, it shows in knots

I can change all the other units, for example if I set the temperature to F, it works perfectly

This is also so for the web-version of the main graph.



WD 9.85B - P4 1.6 Ghz 256 MB - Lacrosse 2310

i have not enabled the use of BFT on the autoscale grpahs
maybe i get time soon…(there is alot of code to add)
but otherwise, which main graph are you refering to?

Hi Brian,

For the autoscale graph : we will wait, no problem,

For the main graph : this is the one, I don’t know what its called





ah, ok, i can convert that one too…
but why do yoiu want bft on the graph?
you will loose lots of resolution

hi Brian,

why do you lose resolution in beaufort ?

I know it is not the most up to date kind of units, but here (belgium) everybody speaks in beaufort, well, most sailors do. ( I here you have some very good ones in New Zealand as well !! )




i thought that is obvious
bft is a scale from 1 to 12
which is 0 to 64 knots

that is a large resolution loss

i.e the graphing of the windspeed line will be more chunky

yes, but when I look at the main graph, not te one on the internet,
this one is in beaufort,
this doesnt look more chunky then when I put it in Knots of KM/H.
It seems to use decimal beauforts or something



actualy you are correct