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I was very seriously thinking of purchasing your software untill I read that all units are metric. While this is standard every where else, its still new to us in the USA. Yea, I guess you could say we are behind the times but its very hard to get used to using and converting measurments you have never used. Is it possible to add a feature for us folks in the USA to convert measurments to our standards. This is my first time to this forum so I apologize if this topic has been discussed before. Thanks.

Weather Display already has this feature i.e.

It will display in US units as well as metric units.

:smiley: :smiley:

Thanks Leo, I guess I will be puchasing a copy.

The download gives you a 30 day fully functional trial before you pay.

Be sure to post any questions you may have. WD has a lot of features and everyone here is very helpful.


Aux contraire :

Look at my web page

You have a choice of US or metric or you can have some of one and some of another. I have been a WD user for a heck of a long time, about since 2001.

Metric is fine for calculations as it is decimal, but you can use what you want. In fact check out the NOAA and see that they use both.

BUT no, someone has given you some false information. Again look at my site,

You can even have both :wink: When you click on , say , the temperature once in WD , you get to see the temperature in Degrees Celsius (in my case I get to see it in Fahrenheit ) ; same goes for the barometric pressure inches or mb ( hPa) and windspeed ( mph,kmph ). If you have any questions regarding WD , you can always post them in this forum : there’s a whole bunch of people here who have been using it for a long time and know alot of little setup-tips and other info. :slight_smile: In case we don’t know the answer you can be sure Brian will answer any questions you might have : he’s the best :slight_smile:

and you can max and match the units in the program
and use the custom tags to create a custom web page with a mixture/combination of units, but the standard web table also displays different units too…
“untill I read that all units are metric”
out of interest, where did you read that?


Ocala has told me that he will not purchaseWD becuase it is (non US metric) friendly…(like for entering your rain records).
thats OK, good luck with trying to find the software that suits your needs (may I suggest VWS).
So, how many potential customers have I lost becuase I have not been accomadting enough for the USA (the only country in the world who is not metric).
Comments welcome!

USA (the only country in the world who is not metric).

Not strictly true. Much of the UK is still non-metric.

I buy my petrol in litres, but most people still refer to miles per gallon for fuel efficiency! I drive 12 miles to work keeping to the speed limit of 60mph. My car engine is 1796cu.cm or 1.8litre and it’s 4.042m long, but it’s wheels are 15" diameter.

I drink pints of beer, but wine comes in 70cl bottles or 125ml glasses.

Temperature is often quoted in degF, but more people are getting used degC now. If it rains heavily we talk about how many inches have fallen. If it’s windy we measure in mph. Atmospheric pressure in in millibar (is that metric or imperial?)

I’m 6’2" tall and weigh too many stones and pounds, probably because I drink too many 2litre bottles of lemonade.

I buy my veg in kilogrammes, because buying them in pounds is now illegal and pay for them using metric money. Unless I’m buying potatoes at a farm when they come in 56lb bags. A 2lb bag of sugar now weighs 2.2lb (1kg)!

Potato crisps (chips) are weighed in grams and I now buy an 800g loaf of bread. Eggs come in packs of 6, 12 or 18.

Confused…you bet I am :silly:

yes, its a bit like that here, but not that mixed
but the world meterolgical organisation is metric , i.e oC, yes?

but the world meterolgical organisation is metric , i.e oC, yes?

I’m sure it is. Formal measurements in the UK mainly use metric units now, but a lot of the general public are still much happier with the old units. That might be where the problem is. For professional use degC is fine, but I guess many WD users are publishing the data on web servers for local consumption by the general public who will prefer it in units that they know and love!

As another example of inconsistency, the UK Met Office records wind speed observations in knots, but reports it in mph in public forecasts (although I realise that knots isn’t metric either!)

I should add though, that the complaint was about internal adjustments being in the ‘wrong’ units, so the display of web pages isn’t really significant.

It’s in the useless trivia category but I believe Liberia and Burma are still non-Metric.

Do you have metric Y fronts now Chris?

Do you have metric Y fronts now?

We’re multi-standard these days…the labels have Small/Medium/Large as well as imperial and metric :wink:

i have added now you can set the rain in the offsets page in inches now
(there is a tick box that is auto ticked if your units are set as inches)
same for barometer offset too

should keep people happy
(in a new 9.81e)

should keep people happy

I refuse to be happy until you put the metric Y-front unit conversion in :squarewink:

but then the USA people would want boxer shorts converison too

i have also a tick box in the 7 day rain / edit the monthly rain totals for the graph there
now, that reminds me, oscala (who has sadly gone now) said there was a bug with entering say last junes rain total…i think i have fixed that now…

Boxer short conversion too??? lol

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Be careful! You wouldn’t want the Brits to escalate to the dreaded “string vest” :lol: