Unable to lift/lower temp/dew lines

Hi Brian
Even going back several versions I cannot get
the temp/dew lines to lift/lower on the graph. :frowning:
Currntly using v9.60

is this on the graph history, or via the offset under setupm units?
try resetting to zero at both those locations

This is

Graph Set up

Lift/Lower the temp/dew lines


This is on the current graph running on the desk top.

Unable to get it to lift or lower the graph lines.

Lift/lower temp/dew graph lines accessed as the option under Graph Set Up has not worked for many revisions. I work around that by going to Setup - Display Units Options and adjusting the Force the temp scale…

Also, as mentioned in another thread, the Windspeed Graph as Half scale scales the graph by a factor of 2, but the scale markings on the graph do not change accordingly.

This is on version 9.60

Thanks for that
I can now stop my temp from running off the top of the graph.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: