Unable to get Weather Display to work with Davis VP2

All, I’m new to this forum and new to WD. I can’t seem to get to first base with WD. I have a Davis VP2 (wired) with the TCP/IP interface. I know it works. I can still access it with the ancient WeatherLink software. Intel PC with Windows 11 and latest updates. I can get the IP data logger to respond to an IP address request in Chrome. The station reports to WeatherLink and my data is posted on CWOP. However, I can’t get WD to communicate with the station. My setup seems correct. Any ideas?

Ignore this post. I just solved my own problem!

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I don’t have a VP2, but I do use WD and I like to learn. . . :wink:

P.S. Welcome to the Forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the welcome. I had entered the IP address of the station with comma separators rather than periods. My clue was that the error log told me that I was getting repeated IP errors.

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Yeah, that would do it :wink:

Welcome to the forum. It’s good to have members that quickly fix their own problems :smile: