Ultimeter Gust Values

On several occasions now I have noticed (today especially) that the number that WD displays as max gust is not the same number that my Ultimeter 2100 displays as maximum gust… for example, my console shows a gust of 43mph today at 7:09 pm… WD shows a max gust of 33mph at 2:12 pm… during the microburst this afternoon, the console had shown 38mph, while WD showed the 33mph… likewise this evenings gusts which maxed at 43mph never even showed up in WD…

Does the Ultimeter send the max values to WD, or does WD just grab the current windspeed and then compute the highest current speed as the max gust?

I hate to miss gusts by 10mph!!

Just curious…

yes, it should work that way
are you using complete rercord mode or normal ?

a windy day here to…48 knots…

I am almost certain I was… but I just put it into that mode again by doing the correct keypress sequence on the console… I’ll keep an eye on it…

I double checked to make sure the Ultimeter was in complete record mode, and I still see that WD misses max gusts… what I see as far as m.p.h. and time for max gust on my console does not match what I see in WD for max gust and time of event.


ah, i am not actualy using the max gust in complete record mode
so i guess i need to do that (if you use data logging mode then you will get each wind reading though in wd)

Should I leave the Ultimeter in Complete Logging mode and wait for your fix, or were you suggesting I go to data logging mode?

THanks Brian!

Brian… did you ever get the max gust thing resolved with WD and the Ultimeter?

Also, which mode do you need the Ultimeter to be in? Complete Record mode, or Data Logging Mode?


i will look into it today,if i find the time (but it looks like i have to go back to town after getting a replacemnt upgrade box for the kids pxc taht blew up, but this one is not working (i put it together, but i have assembled lots) and you can help me…
if you dont require complete logging mode for say the weather picture, then use data logging mode

Okay, I’ll put my system back to ‘data logger’ mode… since I don’t have a weather picture (Wish I did!).

Just to be clear…

In station setup I need to select the ‘ultimeter 2000/2100 in data logger mode’… AND under ‘ultimeter data setup’ I need to make sure the ‘use complete mode’ says ‘NO’???

Also… what data length are you looking for? I’m not clear what that option is…

Thanks Brian!

and then restart, and make sur ethe console is in data logging mode too
you will need to experiment with the data length
but i would go with the long length
its because different ultimeter models have different info in the data
craszy system, sish it was more unirform