UDP decoding stops

I ran into an interesting problem.
After running for 2 or three days Cronweatherflow (vers 6.1) stops decoding the UDP packets so no data is updated in Weather Display (ver 10.37S120) a restart of the two programs fixes it. I checked with Wireshark and UDP packets are still being broadcast and received by the PC.

That leads me to a question. Could Weather Display be modified so the option “Reboot the computer when no comport data received for 10 minutes” and “Restart WD instead of reboot” be modified to look at any data source (not just comport)?

Running on Windows 10 Pro.


I have not seen other reports of this problem
See if it happens again?

Twice in the last week. Will let you know if it reoccurs and try and document the circumstances.


Happened again this morning. I noticed that the data had not updated for more than two hours I check CronWeatherFlow and no UDP packets were being decoded. I ended CronWeatherFlow and restarted it and all is well again. Attached are two screen shots. One before and on after the restart. Is there anything else I can take a look at to help debug this?



what I could do is add in a check for the UDP data stopping
and then try closing and re opening the UDP port
and you could test that

Thank you. I would be glad to test.


i have added where you can reset the udp
to see if that works:
(for when the problem happens again)

The test version is up and running. I will let you know.

Thanks again.


but vers 6.1 is the latest version
I am not home yet, but have a couple of days of not moving :slight_smile:

Sorry Brian 6.1 looks good. I’ve got 3 WD programs running 2 WeatherFlow stations and one just using the WeatherFlow data for windspeed and solar/uv on my Davis VP2 system and didn’t update all of them. Sorry for the miss information. Older age doesn’t have anything to do with it - Ha Ha

Enjoy the rest of the vacation!




It happened again. I recorded a video of the ‘Reset UDP’ attempt.


It did not restart the UDP decoding.


that is strange that no one else is reporting this problem?
and a program restart gets it going?
and when it stops the light to the right of the get UDP option stops?

The light does stop. Just ending and re-executing the CronWeatherFlow.exe does start the decoding again.

Since no one else is reporting it. I will see if I can find an automated work around by including the %datareceivedcount% tag in the customtext.txt and if it is not being incremented, end and re-execute CronWeatherFlow.exe


I wrote an AutoIt script that ends and re-executes CronWeatherFlow.exe when %datareceivedcount% fails to increment on each record in my custometextout.txt file.