Two Web Cameras on one computer

Has anyone tried to get two cameras working on one computer with the software? Is that even possible?

I have not tried that, but it sure looks like the VM95 software is made to do that. Just add another camera then add another scene. Perhaps I’ll give that a try this weekend if I get time. - Jim

Greetings. I have two webcams on my weather site:
More details are on the site. (come back in daylight to see them)

G’day Doo567

I currently have 4 on-line using a ip video Server i got on eBay works a treat
you can see them here

I have two cameras working now! VM95 does great.


Ryan, your cameras have pretty good night sensitivity. What kind of cameras are you using? What is VM95?

Dear David-

I actually just use two Olympus c-4000z cameras that I got off ebay. I bought two DC power supplies so that they can run 24 hours a day. VM95 is the software that controls the cameras. The software can be found here and it is free:

I found out about this because a number of people have been doing this before me. Here is the link you might want to read:;topicseen#new

I have been looking for an inexpensive webcam solution for a long time and I think this is a really good one. You get a lot of power with the software and the use of a digital camera. I don’t think you can beat the image quality or night shots either. Some other people have some fantastic night shots if you read the whole link above.

You live really close to me, but I would have to admit I have never heard of Leyner.


Sorry for the late reply. Yes I had also found the other thread and was quite impressed with the examples. I’ve been keeping my eye out for a good used or cheap new digital camera to use for this. Thanks for the link on VM95.

Where is Leyner? Nowhere really. But I live between Lafayette and Longmont (outside city limits) and I needed a name for my URL that hadn’t been registered. If you go to Google Maps, and do a search for Leyner, CO you’ll just about land on my front yard:,+CO&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=51.04407,82.265625&layer=&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=13&iwloc=addr

I have this question often, so I added a page on my site to explain:


I tried today to get VM95 with a 4000 and 765 oly camera on 1 pc
tells me I have more than 1 cam and set id -
not working

any help would be great

I have two cameras working now!

Hello Marian

Checked out your site and cameras.

Could not find what cameras you use or what software.



I have 2 cameras using WD webcamcapture software on the same computer :slight_smile: