Two more tags

In trying to re-create your default main page for myself, I’ve found another couple of tags that are missing and that might/would be useful.

  1. The date/time of the WD build (goes after %wdversion% in the footer)

  2. The %currentmonthtodatefilename% needs an equivalent string value for the current month, e.g. ‘March 2003’.


it was not listed in the tags list though :frowning:

Thanks. Any thoughts about the other tag I suggested?

not sure what you mean there…
there are date formating custom tags…

I’m looking for a tag that just contains the current month/year in text format, e.g.

March 2003

I can see a day/month/year in text format (16 March 2003) and a month in numeric format (03), but not the one I’m looking for. I’m probably not looking hard enough :wink: