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I’m having trouble with tweets from Weatherdisplay. I had a pc fail and moved WD to the replacement PC (Windows 10). WD works fine and posts to my website, wunderground and WOW without any issues. It appears to work but the tweets are not showing on Twitter although they did before the pc failed. I have reauthorized WD in Twitter but that made no difference. The Twitterdata.txt file has the correct data and Twitter shows WD has signed in as an authorised app. The Tweet just doesn’t appear. WD only posts to Twitter 12 times a day so I doubt it’s a volume issue and I’m using WD build 149 the latest version. Any clues as to what I’ve screwed up?


Ive sorta the same issue with Twitter. Stopped showing on my feed yesterday about 24 hours or so ago… Ive sent the “Test Tweet” and it isn’t showing in my feed either. @DahlonegaGaWx

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Ahhhh ok, thanks. So it might be an issue with Twitter that coincided with my PC failure. Has been like it 24hrs, hopefully working when I get up tomorrow morning. I also have the same issue with test Tweets.

Many thanks for the response, at least I can stop messing with the PC thinking I’d messed up.

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I’m just not certain the issues.

One odd thing I have found is that I no longer have WU RapidFire coming up when I start up my software. I actually have to go into the WD file folder and start it from there…

Oh that’s interesting. Have you recently upgraded WD to build 149 by any chance? That’s the only thing software related that I have changed but the Twitter related stuff seems to be the same dates as before.

Yes I did. I’ve just recently upgraded to the latest version offered. Funny thing is, is that I usually don’t upgrade very often. Before a few days ago, I bet the last upgrade I did was in December of 2022 :sunglasses:

I’d been running Build 147 until I had to transfer WD to the new PC then had to use build 149 as part of the transfer process. The odd thing is, it did do a couple of tweets from build 139 before it stopped very shortly after. I can tweet manually via the keyboard but not via WD. That made me wonder if it was a Twitter issue but can’t be certain. It looks like WD creates the Tweet ok and logs into Twitter ok but doesn’t perform the Tweet upload. I can’t find a WD logfile that shows what is happening during the Twitter upload process, maybe someone knows of one somewhere. No one seems to be mentioning a problem with Twitter, which I would have expected by now 36hrs or so later. That makes me think it must be a WD problem but totally stumped as to where to look now.

I thought i remember reading in the news or somewhere that twitter has stopped posts via API?
so it doesnt work now in WD.
I might be wrong on this

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There are recent posts in the forum about Twitter breaking with WD, as well as numerous articles in the media about how bad Twitter is now in general. Some people have created alternative methods to post to Mastodon and maybe other places.

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Ok thanks. I did have a look but didn’t see anything similar, I guess I’ll just have to give up and hope it recovers. Unless I can do it from WD I’ll probably not bother for the time being.

Thanks again

I gave up on the twitter feed from WD once twitter changed everything, and they really want you pay for it.

I’ll do the same I think. Everything I read was talking about it happening a couple of months ago and this happened 48hrs ago, so I ssumed it was something different. I guess it took a while to percolate.

I’ve just had a look and to post maximum 1500 tweets a month it is free. You get the API codes and can then authorise your app. Trouble is, I don’t understand what to do to make it work in WD! I don’t post that many, maximum 12 a day, so in theory I am fine.

Have you e-mailed Brian direct? He rarely visits the Forum now. . .

No I haven’t but I guess I ought to if I can’t figure it out. I’ll see if I can work out the Twitter api code stuff and if not I’ll contact him. I’m no techie by any means so there is a fair chance I’ll need his help.

Good suggestion, thanks.

I’d tried to resurrect the TweetWX script set using the new Twitter free API. Discovered that the free version disallows POSTING, and so wouldn’t work. I think you have to get one of the paid API accounts ($$) to be able to post, so it is unlikely that Brian would be able to fix this issue. Best to just let the feature die as the old API was invalidated by Twitter, and the new API requires a paid API subscription to work.

That’s odd because I was asked at registration today, for the lower than 1500 posts Free access version, if I wanted to post or read only, I clicked on Reading and Posting so have assumed I could post with these new codes. Did you register to enable posting?

It is not a WD problem, it is twitter, about a few weeks ago, they announced that they would stop all automated tweets. if you noticed All NWS does not have the ability to post their ibot tweets anymore. So as long as Musk is running twitter, things will keep going down hill there. So just stop the twitter feed in WD, unless you are going to pay a outrageous prices that we always had for free. Again, it is not WD, it is twitter itself.

Ok thanks, looks like I won’t get anywhere with this even though I have registered for it.

If you are referring to the iembot Tweets, yes, they have been whacked too. The last automated post from my WFO was July 18 which is the last automated post to my account also. However, the good folks at Iowa State University, in anticipation of the API getting cut off, set up like WFO accounts on Mastodon i.e. IEMBOT Bay Area WX (@[email protected]) - Bots If you don’t find an iembot account for your WFO, you can ask the admin at to add it.