Trying to set up the solar... help

I am trying to set up the solar sensor but I am not totally sure if Ive done it correctly here… a few things to note… I am in the southern hemisphere and my timezone is -9:30 hours. I am only getting around 1-2 hours of sunlight per day according to WD… something tells me that can’t be right.

Why should the solar % be at 6% when when there is no cloud around yet the full sun is around… shouldn’t it still read 100%? Either I’ve set it up incorrectly or I’m not totally understanding how its supposed to work.

Below are the screen shots of how I’ve got it set up.




Try unticking “Calculate % from raw compared to max” in 1 wire/labjack setup. Also set your Max mv value to your voltage reading at solar noon. You can use the Max Solar Calculator at:


The output from the LabJack is from 0V to 5V. The setup for the LabJack is in volts and tenths of volts. Try a seting of about 3.0

ok I think i understand… i have to set the max voltage on the expected solar noon to what ever turns out on the solar sensor at that time.

one thing that worries me is that the time zone here is -09:30 but the settings only allow for -9:00 and -10:00 which could throw the whole timing out… is there a way of finetuning this or will the code have to be re-written in WD?

On the “Max Solar Time of Day/Time Zone/Lat/Long” tab there is a “minute offset needed” setting, which is where you would put that 30. Unfortunately I don’t know if it adds or subtracts (or can be set to minus) so you’ll have to play with it yourself.

ok… so what determines when the solar hours increments… is it a certain percentage value? certain Wm/2? or something else? because I would have though it was as soon as the sun gets up till the sun goes down is the total sunshine hours… or am I reading the whole scenario incorrectly?

The sunshine time increments each minute that the solar % is above the % you have set as “sunny”. 4th screenshot in the 1st post in this thread.

so what is the general consensus that figure should be set at? So far mine is 80%… but that could be a tad high if thats the case.

I don’t use the %/hours so I’ll defer that Q to users that do.

if your reading is 80% (adjustable) of the maximum for the time of day (and lat/long) then its recorded as bright sunshine for sunshine hours
this seems to work pretty well
i have seen someone tweak it down to 75%