Trying to download webcam image from HTTP download - and failing!

I am trying to download this image -

to WD and saving it then locally. My webcam is an Edimax and I can’t seem to access it directly from WD - so I upload it to the above address using the built in FTP server. My hope was to then let WD create timelapse etc.

The log window doesn’t stay open long, but this is what it says -
Start Time/date:4:14:46 PM 11/6/2012
Permanent connection selected
Permanent connection, will do ftp now
Checking for what else to do…
there are 1 more things to do
To local file C:\wdisplay\downloads\rawcam.jpg

after this it hangs for about a minute and closes. No file has been saved. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks

The two urls listed to the picture are not the same.
Are you certain you have the correct URL for WD to download?

You say you want this one:

But looks like WD is using this instead:

Sorry - a typo of sorts - I tried uploading an image to both directories to see if that was the problem, but it fails on both.

What part of WD are you using to download the image? What are the actual settings? Can you post a screenshot?


is this using the HTTP download setup in WD, in the FTP/internet setup?

I am following the instructions posted here - and yes using the HTTP download setup in WD in the FTP/Internet Setup. I am trying to follow the step by step two part guide - and here I followed it - but for some reason I cannot get access. One thing I did consider - this is a school weather station - and we have a web proxy running. The settings on the computer are correct and the computer does have access to the internet - and to the images on IE8 - and WD can upload ok to the FTP server. I cannot find anywhere to put separate proxy settings in WD - so took for granted that WD uses the systems proxy - which is fine. Just thought I would mention it!

maybe I could test from here…email what the URL is…

I have images uploading to two locations.



works here in testing:
actual messages from upload session*
Start Time/date:7:56:07 AM 11/9/2012
Permanent connection selected
Permanent connection, will do ftp now
Checking for what else to do…
there are 1 more things to do
To local file C:\wdisplayprogram\delphi5\downloads\test.jpg
HTTP download connection:OK
HTTP download Header: Date:Thu, 08 Nov 2012 18:56:19 GMT
HTTP download Header: Server:Apache/2
HTTP download Header: Last-Modified:Thu, 08 Nov 2012 18:55:22 GMT
HTTP download Header: ETag:“f68-4ce006098a602”
HTTP download Header: Accept-Ranges:bytes
HTTP download Header: Content-Length:3944
HTTP download Header: Connection:close
HTTP download Header: Content-Type:image/jpeg
Download complete
Will do upload of these files…
Finshed email agenda
Finshed email agenda, and more Internet agenda items to do (FTP)…
Time/date:7:56:09 AM 11/9/2012
Logging onto FTP server…
No FTP server specified
Doing abort procedure/program close…

Is there any log I could open to see why it fails. The HTTP windows hangs for about a minute and the closes without me being able to see if it states why it fails.

which HTTP window is that exactly that you are refering to?