Trying to add custom tag to current conditions

Running 10.37s119 latest Zip (August 10th) on Windows 10 Pro.

Strange problem. Added a custom tag to the current conditions (Lightning Last Hour: %lighteningcountlasthour%) See attached screen print from registry.

Everything is good until I do a save/exit. After restarting the custom tag does not display. If I go to Setup/Advanced/Misc Settings and ether click OK or CANCEL the tag appears. See before and after screen shot.


are you waiting until the first minute after starting WD for it to show up?
I have tested this here and it shows up OK on restart (latest .zip update of WD)

Restarted program. Waited 10 minutes. Still not displaying. Hmmm.


After your post I tried resizing the Current Conditions window. Made it a tad larger. Works OK now. The server the application runs on has no monitor. Connections is via VNC. Might just have be a resolution issue.