Try this out guys !!!! (firefox)

For those weather nutters out there who are smart enough to have already moved to Firefox instead of IE might know about Forecastfox, a firefox weather extension.

Well, a customised version has been made that can use “user enterable” url’s for radar images (the problem before being that for radar you had to live in the US).

So… what you need to do to try it out.

Grab a copy of firefox if you havent already (far superior to IE).

Grab a copy of the custom extension

Install the extension and restart firefox.

In the Forecastfox settings:

Radar->Radar Image->Make it “Custom”, Animated, 640x480
Set the URL to whatever the BOM url for you town is - Cairns being “

Done - the green icon at the bottom right of the screen will have the latest 128K radar page as a popup.

Let me know if you have any issues with it.

awesome…wll give it a go.
How often does the image refresh?
And how the hell do I install it.
Do I have to compile this file somehow?

File->Open File->Find where you downloaded the xpi and select it.

Works really SLICK !!