Trial period up for Linux Weather Display

I am running the linux version of weather display on about 3 different boxes. I entered the licence number in the program
but I quess it was put on the wrong box and the trial periods are now up. I know there is a program for windows to restore the windows version, is there
anything for linux?

Would you wait until after christmas? For Windy is on a trip for some days.

I thought you had to get a seperate license for each computer, no?? Each computer will show a different registration code so I don’t think the same license number would work in all three. However I did run across a thread on this forum somewhere about what to do if the license go’s south on you but I don’t remember off hand where it is.

I can wait until the new year.

I am an instructor in computer engineering technology at a college in Canada. We are
running W.D. from a Davis WMII, on Slackware 12 and Kubuntu 7.0 in the lab and they work just fine.
Being a trained professional (sometimes questionable) I did three downloads rather than one download
and then copy it to local computers, so I have three numbers.

there is no time limit for the new compiler version (e.g 10.37) for linux
just the nag screen on start up)

which version are you running on your linux pc?

I am now finally able to look at this again.

I looked at the INSTALL file for version and it said 1.1.1beta

Further information on version number.

I originally downloaded

I have just downloaded, 7 Jan 2008, v10.37g.
We’ll run it up the flag pole and see what happens.