the trends gif updates, but there is nothing in the first column other than rain 0.00(which is correct) The other columns are fine. This is the same on the computer screen as with the web page. I have the data .

some quirk? Who said computers can’t think for them selves? It Star Trek I tell ya.

it will be searching for the same hour/minute from 24 hours ago
if you are downloading data from a VP data logger which is not set to every minute, then it wont find the exact minute from 24 hours ago unless you view/refresh it on a whole minute number
the rain use a 24 hour rain array, and so is done differently

that I change the interval from 5 minutes to the recommended 1 minute?

I can do that.

1 minute gives a real big log file when I go do my data analysis, but with fancy computing and a bit more time , well just about anything can be done.

Ok, I will go do. it is about that time of the day anyway.