Trends-picture is incorrect for the "last 24 hours&quot

Actual version 9.32e:

Menu view->trends
does not show correct values in column “last 24 hours” for temp, hum and dew.

Before 24 hours my values were:
temp -1.6; hum 60 and dew -8.4
Actual values are:
temp +1.6; hum 68 and dew -3.7

  • but the actual trend show the following for “last 24 hours”:
    temp -4.7; hum -32; dew -4.3.

This isn’t correct because it should be:
temp +2.0; hum +8 and dew +4.7 - or did I misunderstood the trend-function?

But the baro-values seems to be OK.

I’m getting similar results to Dennis with version 9.31a. The trends chart is currently showing a temperature difference of +13F, whereas the 24-hour graph shows a temperature difference of approximately zero from 24 hours ago. Similarly unrealistically large differences in humidity and dew point. See what I mean at



i have found something in the latest vers that might help
dennis: is you have a ws2000 type station, the glicht with the month data file will be causing this problem
see graph frozen thread

No, I haven’t.

I have a WMR-918H…
…and no problems with frozen graphs.

Mine’s a Vantage Pro Plus and, like Dennis, no problems with frozen graphs (even though it’s a bit cold here today).


i think there is something up here

vers 9.34a is OK for this now

Hmmm… Sorry, but now using vers 9.34c and the trend isn’t correct anyway for me…

Look at my site at

the best comparison is to look at the log file
but, checking the code, i have forgoten to reset a flag…
fixing now

the best comparison is to look at the log file

That’s what I have done :slight_smile:

Now using version 9.34c (second edition :smiley: ) and the trend for 24h seems to be ok for temp, hum, dew; BUT except the baro. Now the baro is incorrect. :frowning:

Before 24h my value:
1008.2 hpa
Actual value:
1005.2 hpa

Trend show: -10.8 hpa 8O
…but should -3.0 hpa

Version 9.34d WMR-968
Checking the trend for last 24 hrs is really off:
Today’s current temp is: 19
Yesterday at this time: 17
The trend is showing: -25.5 in the 24 hour column.

I believe there is still a problem with this. :cry:

I’ve just installed 9.34d.

Now the temp appears to be more or less OK, but barometer is still off, and humidity is way off. It’s showing -47%, whereas the 24-hour graph is showing a few %.



same here
not sure why yet

silly silly me
it was using the data file for 1 year ago!
fixed that now, uploading vers 9.35 now

Thanks, Brian.

Temperature, barometer and humidity look OK now, but dew point is still squirrely. My 24-hour graph shows the dew point now is higher than it was 24 hours ago.



k, i forgot to switch the dew point to the new system (which searches for the correct minute/hour)
will do that today
nearly there!

8.35a fixes this