Trends Page shows wrong Date

The date on my trends page shows 2 August 2009 instead of 8 February 2009. I have not changed anything in my settings. The date was correct before.

Here is my settings from trend-inc.txt

$SITE['WDdateMDY'] = true; // for WD date format of month/day/year.  =false for day/month/year
// --- default settings -----------(will be overriden by Settings.php)---------------
$timeFormat = 'd-M-Y g:ia';  // 31-Mar-2006 6:35pm
//$timeFormat = 'd-M-Y H:i';   // 31-Mar-2006 18:35
$timeOnlyFormat = 'g:ia';    // h:mm[am|pm];
//$timeOnlyFormat = 'H:i';     // hh:mm
$dateOnlyFormat = 'd-M-Y';   // d-Mon-YYYY
$WDdateMDY = true;     // true=dates by WD are 'month/day/year'
//                     // false=dates by WD are 'day/month/year'
$ourTZ = "MST7MDT";  //NOTE: this *MUST* be set correctly to
// translate UTC times to your LOCAL time for the displays.

Settings from my Settings.php

# note: date format used for PHP parts only.  Weather-Display dates are not processed
#   except on the astronomy page
//$SITE['timeFormat'] = 'D, d-M-Y g:ia T';  // Day, 31-Mar-2006 6:35pm Tz  (USA Style)
$SITE['timeFormat'] = 'm/d/Y g:ia';      // USA  format 03/31/2006 14:03
//$SITE['timeFormat'] = 'd/m/Y H:i';       // Euro format 31/03/2006 14:03
//$SITE['timeFormat'] = 'Y-m-d H:i';       // ISO  format 2006-03-31 14:03

$SITE['timeOnlyFormat'] = 'g:ia';          // USA format h:mm[am|pm\
#$SITE['timeOnlyFormat'] = 'H:i';          // Euro format hh:mm  (hh=00..23);
$SITE['dateOnlyFormat'] = 'd-M-Y';        // for 31-Mar-2008 or 'j/n/Y' for Euro format


Finally fixed the problem and here is the line that was the cause. I had it set to false.

$SITE['WDdateMDY'] = true; // for WD date format of month/day/year.  =false for day/month/year


That will do it, Chuck. The day/month/year format is for our non-US friends. :slight_smile:

Glad you fixed it!
Best regards,

It took me a while used an original settings.php page to compare it to mine.