Trends - Lost Last 24hrs/Last Month/Last Year

Version (latest updated version) of 9.37a. I no longer see the last 24 hrs, last month or last year.
This version also has affected the 24/48/72 hours graphs. NO DATA!!! Only data I’m seeing is what has been generated since this version has been up and running. :cry: :x

this most likely has to with the data files location problem i created

try reseting the data files location to what it should be (force a reset)

Did the reset thing, shutdown WD and restarted. I used View/Trends and now the only thing missing is last year. It had been working about 4 versions ago.

Something magically happened during the midnight cross-over, my last year numbers came back on the Trend. Got me by the … well whatever, as it appears to be back to normal again…