Trend data not working

My last year’s trend data is missing. I had it until my last upgrade (I think). Any ideas on what setting may have changed or what I may have done wrong? I am currently on 10.35L. Thanks.

its possible that just at the moment wd cant find the data from this time last year…but maybe it will show up again soon

When I look into my C:\wdisplay\logfiles I can see the data from last year. Is that where it would be located?

Edited - Actually, I looked at the wrong month. In my August of last year log, I had data with the day listed until the 16th, then the day disappeard, but log entries were still happening. The day started up again on the 25th. I seem to remember missing trend data for more than back to the 16th, but I will wait until the 26th to check it out.


Looking at my logfiles from last year, there is data for the 26th of August, and I am still not getting trend data from a year ago. I upgraded to 10.35v last night, but nothing. Not sure where to look now to find a fix for this.

try converting that logfile to data file via action, convert logfiles to graph files,and select that logfile, then click on convert

That worked! So, what happened?

the data file for this time last year must have had errors or be corrupted for some reason