Transmission in Ecowitt format - time (dateutc) URL-encoded

Hi Wim,

Ecowitt has released a firmware v2.2.6 for the GW1100 where the measurement time (dateutc) is URL-encoded when sent via the custom server in Ecowitt format.
So “dateutc=2023-08-30+10:41:11” now becomes “dateutc=2023-08-30+10%3A41%3A11” - so the colon is output as “%3A”.
Is PWSDashboard prepared for this? I’m not sure if it’s an (temporary) oversight by Ecowitt or the future format (also for other Fine Offset weather stations). An enquiry is underway with Ecowitt. But we should be prepared.

See here.

Regards, Oliver

Thanks Oliver,

No it is not. For now, I added one line to url-decode the date field.

@ ALL ecowitt custom upload users
If your dashboard shows “offline” please unzip attached script and upload it to
. . . your website / ecowitt / index.php (3.8 KB)


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Latest firmware versions seem to have undone this change: V2.2.7 for GW1100 and V3.0.7 for GW2000.

It’s great having a stable API definition :person_facepalming:

Doesn’t API mean Approximate Programming Interface?

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